We are a small company in Charlotte ,Vermont that has been designing & building custom homes for over 30 years. We take great pride in our designs,craftsmanship, commitment to energy efficiency, and our lasting relationships with clients we have worked with. 

Our Homes consistently score in the top tier of energy efficient homes in Vermont with several as Net Zero homes. As both designers and builders we bring construction details and methods to every project that are both familiar and tested which help the construction process proceed smoothly. A big advantage of design/build is we also have accurate cost data on building that we use in the design process to make sure the final design matches the original budget. By using many of the same subcontractors for the last 20 years we bring a consistency of both quality,cost and scheduling to every project.

I work with clients throughout the entire process of designing and building a custom home from the initial meeting to the final punch list. The design  process begins with a sketch phase which goes into design development and finishes with full working drawings that include:

     site plans, foundation; structural framing; window and door schedules; elevations; floor plans; exterior details; interior cabinets and built-ins along with wiring and mechanicals.The plans are very detailed to help cut down on the on site improvisation so familar with custom building. Specifications that define all the materials and labor that will go into building the house are written during this phase. This is where the owners have a lot of input on the finishes and fixtures  that will make pricing the house more accurate.

The goal in the design phase is to reflect the owners wishes for comfortable spaces while making the best use of the property all the while staying within the parameters of budget and schedule. The final design is always a compromise of sorts in that it is a process of prioritizing goals within the realities of a budget yet not losing the details, a  process  that includes equal measures of creativity, common sense, and experience. 

See examples of design sketches in the design gallery.Design Plans Gallery.